Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do you like this haircut and eye color on me?

i really gonna get grey contacts- myeyes are like a brown color now. my hair- i like this cut but im not sure on the color. ideas?鈥?/a>Do you like this haircut and eye color on me?
not blond no way

red or light brown.

but gray eyes would be nice

and the cut is nice. maybe a bit longer, but cut it like in the pic. if you want it longer it'll grow soon enoughDo you like this haircut and eye color on me?
Nah I don't think that hair color is quite right for you. Go for something a little more in-between. The contacts sound cool though :)

I can speak Jibberish! LOL
The contacts are cool and look good on you but not the haircut.
its bad. you look like a jackedup crackhead monkey. get a life.
Use a picture where you look like a normal decent person and maybe we could get a better perception.
eyes :)

hair color :)

hair cut :( ...............try growing it out with long layers :)
It is ok.
hate the colour you would look great as a red head though
its OK.

Caucasian people have the most variety in skin and eye color?

How come white people are the only people who have a variety in hair and eye color? Red hair, blonde, brown, strawberry, golden, dirty blonde, black. Eye: green, blue, grey, hazel, brown etc.

I never see Chinese, spanish, black, or Indians having these varieties. They always only have black hair and brown eyes... the only time it occurs is if they are half white or something like that.... how come?

Scientific explanations would be appreciated.Caucasian people have the most variety in skin and eye color?
There are some others besides Caucasians with color variety but it is mostly due to to having mixed with a Caucasian not always the case though.

I forget the groups name but there is a small and secluded group of black people that had straight dirty blond hair, which looked so bizarre and awesome I think.

To make it simple Caucasians have more recessive traits as well as less natural melanin(which darkens the skin or eyes to protect from the suns radiation and thus more lighter colors possible.

Also the founders effect and genetic drift help this out more (founders effect and genetic drift being a loss of variation in a small population with certain genes being expressed more, like the Icelanders and red hair) , so when Europeans started mixing more often, all these specialized strains in these small populations were now being found in what we call Caucasians.Caucasian people have the most variety in skin and eye color?
I think Caucasians have more recessive genes. Thus, the many variations in eye colour. Eg. 2 brown eyed (non-white) parents may not have enough dominant 'brown eye genes' to make a brown eyed child. Instead, they'll have a blue eyed one.

Caucasian's hair colour is derived from the environment they live in. If they lived in India they would have black, brown hair too. In fact, Indians are considered Caucasian as well (they have White features, deep set eyes, etc...)

But because the environment is less sunny, the hair becomes lighter. Eg. Caucasians in Spain (hispanics) have darker hair than Caucasians in Russia.

Not very scientific I'm afraid haha.
Hmmmmm.......hmmmmmm. Not always at my school are some black people who are from Carribean, they're r brothers and they both have this beautiful hazel blue eyes.

Also, my best friend who is from Angola her dad have this mixture of red, white and blond hair and he never in his life dyed his hair. He is black black black.

Also I know that people from one part of African have red red hair and they even don't dye them.
Tru that they are USUALLY the ones with coloured eyes not always though. it's because they have a diverse gene pool because most of them are mixed and don't have a lot of melanin. BUT brown people(not black) have the most diverse skin tone from white to black.

BTw to MCConally: if your answer is true, why do I have green eyes when I am not mixed with white? and I know a lot of my persian brothers and sisters have all kinds of hair colours including blonde, brown even red! Ever heard of the true aryans from persia?
I think this is about the environment white people live in. People in the north have lighter skin and hair. I don't know if animals and people are alike in this but wolves in the north have blue eyes but I think lions and hyenas in africa and yellowish to brown to dark black eyes.
my idea is that ';caucasian'; referes to many many people groups. someone who is from germany tends to be pretty distinc from someone who is spanish or who is russian. i think the variety comes from the fact that there are a lto of diffderent ';races'; that come together under the caucasian label.
This boy I know has green eyes, he's fully black, no contacts my little cousin is light skinned with green eyes, he's fully black and he's a toddler so obviously no contacts. Black people can have a variety of things too, so can other races.
Well I can't outdo Clyde N in scientific explanation. But I personally know black people with hazel, Gray, or greenish eyes. And yes both there parents were black. I have a little cousin with dirty blond hair and she is completely black.
True, and it is also true that blacks are the only race with the most varieties of skin color, from white to black.
It might be because people in Europe live in so many different places,and maybe when they mix with other Europeans or someone of a different ethnicity they get a different colour?
I think you meant hair and eye color, not skin.

And the scientific explanation is recessive genes.
Spanish people? Excuse me but the people of Spain are ';White'; and do have light skin and colored hair/eyes.

You better not be calling Latin-Americans Spanish!!!

Eye color is a polygenic trait and is determined by the amount and type of pigments in the eye's iris. Humans and animals have many phenotypic variations in eye color.In humans, these variations in color are attributed to varying ratios of eumelanin produced by melanocytes in the iris.

Three main elements within the iris contribute to its color: the melanin content of the iris pigment epithelium, the melanin content within the iris stroma, and the cellular density of the iris stroma.In eyes of all colors, the iris pigment epithelium contains the black pigment, eumelanin. Color variations among different irises are typically attributed to the melanin content within the iris stroma.The density of cells within the stroma affects how much light is absorbed by the underlying pigment epithelium.

Eye colors can range from most common color, brown, to least common, gray. Rare genetic mutations can even lead to unusual eye colors: black, red, and violet. Eye color is an inherited trait influenced by more than one gene. These genes are being sought using associations to small changes in the genes themselves and in neighboring genes. These changes are known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. The actual number of genes that contribute to eye color is unknown at present, but there are a few likely candidates.

The gene OCA2 (OMIM: 203200), when in a variant form the gene causes the pink eye color and hypopigmentation common in human albinism, (the name of the gene is derived from the disorder it causes, oculocutaneous albinism type II). Different SNPs within OCA2 are strongly associated with brown and green eyes as well as variations in freckling, mole counts, hair and skin tone. The polymorphisms may be in an OCA2 regulatory sequence, where they may influence the expression of the gene product, which in turn affects pigmentation. A specific mutation within the HERC2 gene, a gene that regulates OCA2 expression, is partly responsible for blue eyes.Other genes implicated in eye color variation are: SLC24A4, TYR .

Blue eyes with a brown spot, green eyes and gray eyes are caused by an entirely different part of the genome. As Eiberg said: ';The SNP rs12913832 [of theHerc2 gene] is found to be associated with the brown and blue eye color, but this single DNA variation cannot explain all the brown eye color variation from dark brown over hazel to blue eyes with brown spots';.

Eye color usually stabilizes when an infant is around 6 months old.

The perception of color depends upon various factors. These are the same eyes; however, depending on the light and surrounding hues, the eye color can appear quite different.Iris color can provide a large amount of information about an individual and a classification of various colors may be useful in documenting pathological changes or determining how a person may respond to various ocular pharmaceuticals. Various classification systems have ranged from a basic

';light'; or ';dark'; description to detailed gradings employing photographic standards for comparison. Others have attempted to set objective standards of color comparison.

As the perception of color is dependent on viewing conditions (e. g. the amount and type of illumination, as well as the hue of the surrounding environment), so is the perception of eye color.

Eye color exists on a continuum from the darkest shades of brown to the lightest shades of blue. Seeing the need for a standardized classification system that was simple, yet detailed enough for research purposes, developed a graded one based on the predominant iris color and the amount of brown or yellow pigment present. There are 3 true colors in the eyes that determine the outward appearance; brown, yellow, and blue. How much of each color you have determines the appearance of the eye color. The color of the eyes in turn depends on how much of these colors are present. For example, green eyes have yellow and some blue, making them appear green. Brown eyes appear brown because most of the eye contains the brown color. The above is true for the species Homo sapiens.Although rare in nonwhite ethinicities, eye color variation exists without any White heritage-Wikipedia

EDIT:Kourosh Sadeghi ';Official 鈩?,Iranians/Persians are IndoEuropean Aryan Whites.
This is true. The only non white people that have them are mixed with white or are wearing colored contacts and have dyed their hair.

We are just lucky I guess :)

EDIT: To Kouroh or whoever, Irianians are mixed with white, idiot lol. Well no, they are caucasian. If you didn't have caucasian genes you woulden't of got green eyes.

My eyes are green and i'm Irish.
hehehe LOL the first answer .

Can your eye color change as you age?

I mean can if you have brown eyes is there a possibility that they'll change to green blue or gray as you age(like as third age person)?Can your eye color change as you age?
NO. The actual change of one color to another only happens to infants as they age due to a lack of or ample supply of eumelanin and exposer to light.

The only exception to a color change as we age would be due to the fact that as we age our bodies stop renewing cells hence the color of the eye may seem more dull example if your eyes are blue from age 50+ it may look light blue almost grey. I hope this answers your question.Can your eye color change as you age?
i guess its possible.

or get colored contacts with no perscription
Actually! Yes...well first off, before you are born your eyes are blue. then genetics takes effect and you get green, or brown what ever happens. Eyes will not change colors though. I have seen many cases when they turn from Hazel to a really dark brown. From a really light green to dark green as well. Your Eyes will only get darker, never lighter.

then when you get all old and are about to die, they turn blue again...i think it's call cataract.

no, the only time your eyes will ever change colors, is when you have hazel eyes...people born with hazel eyes, can change colors for a short time...and i dont mean like change to PURPLE...or YELLO...colors that have a green to it
Babies eyes can often be blue because the melatonin in their eyes has not reached its mature amount (blue eyes are the result of a lack of melatonin in the eye).
i think only if you have hazel eyes, they'll change depending on light.

i have weird eyes though, only my left eye changes color so sometimes they're two completely different colors. lol.
Your eye and hair colour change about every 7 years. I don't think that it is possible for someone with dark coloured eyes like brown to turn blue. Thought it is possible to have them lighten a few shades of the already existing colour brown. I would say that this is the same for all eye colours!
I think if you get really old your eyes can turn blue [cataract haha] or misty. but overall color i dont think so
never heard of it but any things poss,My eyes take on a different huh when I wear different colors,but it's never permanent

I am changing my eye color with contacts which color should i get? (pics included)?

I know I am ugly, but I am changing my eye color! am changing my eye color with contacts which color should i get? (pics included)?
greenish- hazelishI am changing my eye color with contacts which color should i get? (pics included)?
your very pretty ok!!!! nd i like ur eyes but... i think dark red... or light brown..=]
same pic, different account?? Stop fishing for compliments, and wax your mustache.
I like your eyes the way they are.

I think that colored contacts look ridiculous. You can tell they are fake and they just look weird.
I actually think your eye color is really nice and you have really nice hair, which compliments each other.
You're so cute!!!I I love the curls and the great big brown eyes! If you have to change them, go for gray, I think, or blue.
no offense, but between you curly brown hair and skin shade i dont really think any color other then brown would look good on you... and the brown looks beautiful so own it!
I'm sorry your genetics don't please you.

I hope one day you can accept yourself and your pretty brown eyes.
I think green would look the best. They even have gray like contacts that are pretty nice looking.

Try experimenting with photoshop, you can change your eye colour on there and see what looks the best.

and you're not ugly, you're cute.
Blue, or something very different from your color now. I really like your eyes, but if you want to change the color, go waaay different. Where are you getting yours, and how much are they? I want some! Haha :)
don't change your eye colour i love your eye's they really suit you and it would be a waste of money

i saw you like, 5 minutes ago.



im scared.

change them to blue.

heyyy your right!

you aaaaare ugly!
I like your eyes, don't change them! People will notice in a bad way...your natural color is very pretty, so don't waste the cash because you already have the eyes that many would pay for! =]

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  • (10 points!!!)is there anyway i can make my eye color?

    look different.

    any at home remedies?(10 points!!!)is there anyway i can make my eye color?
    No, sorry. That's impossible.

    Colored contacts, though! (10 points!!!)is there anyway i can make my eye color?
    You can get colored contacts! They come in a variety of different colors! Also you can wear certain makeups that make your eyes stand out a lot!
    put some different eye shadows on. they might make your eyes look like a different color or make them POP!!!! if you want a different color try some colored contacts.


    The only way you can change your eye color other than contacts is wearing certain colors. For example, all grey makes blue eyes look more grey than blue.
    try contacts

    different eyeshadow

    different clothes

    plz dont try things that might be dangerous
    Other than purchasing color contact lenses,

    I would have to say no.

    color contacts
    No and it would be VERY dangerous to even try. You could risk going blind.
    Yeah ... play with some onions for some time ..and they will look different

    What color eye shadows should I get? Scene/emo look. M.A.C.?

    for Christmas my daughter wants make up I know to get her black eyeline but I was wondering what color eye shadows should I get she has only asked for black. I'm going to our local M.A.C. store to buy it for her.

    She have very pale skin and red-ish hair but she is going to dye it black soon.

    So any color ideas would be great. her style is scene/emo

    thanks 10 points best answer!What color eye shadows should I get? Scene/emo look. M.A.C.?
    Bright Colours

    Liken Pink And Yellow

    like this-鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>What color eye shadows should I get? Scene/emo look. M.A.C.?
    A nice shade of pink with a small amount of shimmer would look pretty. Its not to bold, and you can find a shade that looks great on everyone. Think light. This is especially pretty with red hair! I
    i think any dark earthy colors will be good

    add me on myspace鈥?/a>
    bright colors like pinks blues and greens or dark smokey colors like browns purples or grays. you could get one of each and see which one she likes more. you've got a 50 50 chance.

    POLL: Which eye color do you like the best?

    Brown, blue, green, grey, hazel...any other color? Which do you like best. I personally love blue eyes.POLL: Which eye color do you like the best?
    I pretty much like any eye color.POLL: Which eye color do you like the best?
    personally blue , grey
    Green--simple, and very vivid
    I personally love blue-green eyes, or bluish-gray pretty :)
    Brown or blue.
    blue (:
    blue green


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